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Transform Your Restaurant with Next-Gen Cloud Management

Optimize Reservations, Orders, and Inventory with Our Cutting-Edge Software Designed. From Reservations to Inventory, Manage Everything Seamlessly and Efficiently

WhatsApp Invoicing

Cost Effective Solution

Multi User Management

Stock steal Protection

Ledger Management

Perfect Solution for Restaurants

  • Automated Inventory Management 🛡️
  • Consistent Recipe Management 📋
  • Accurate Financial Reporting 📊
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement 👫
  • Success Measurement 📈

* You can get the trail of 14-days.

MrPOS Restaurant Management System

 Our cloud-based restaurant management software streamlines operations by automating reservations, order processing, and inventory management, saving time and reducing errors. Real-time analytics provide valuable insights for informed decision-making, while customer relationship tools enhance loyalty and drive repeat business. Its mobile access and multi-location support ensure consistent quality and efficiency as your business grows.

Waiter App for Orders

Our software includes a dedicated waiter mobile app for quick and accurate order placement, enhancing service efficiency. This app improves communication between staff and kitchen, reducing errors and boosting customer satisfaction.
all devices supported Mrpos restaurant management system

Multiple devices support


MrPOS software works seamlessly on multiple devices, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for your entire team, enhancing overall efficiency and collaboration.

  • Customer Screen
  • Kitchen Screen
  • Admin Controls
  • Waiter Screen

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Frequently Asked Questions

MrPOS RMS is a comprehensive Restaurant Management System designed to streamline your restaurant operations. It includes features like inventory management, order processing, recipe management, POS functionalities, customer engagement tools like whatsapp billing, and detailed reporting.

MrPOS RMS features advanced steal protection for stock. It automates inventory tracking, ensuring that ingredient usage matches sales, thereby identifying and preventing discrepancies that could indicate theft.

Yes, MrPOS RMS supports both pre-payment and post-payment scenarios, providing flexibility for various payment methods and enhancing the customer experience.

Absolutely! MrPOS RMS is versatile and caters to various types of restaurants, including dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services, ensuring it meets the unique needs of any restaurant.

MrPOS RMS allows you to define recipes for each menu item. Ingredients are automatically deducted from inventory with each sale, ensuring accurate stock levels and consistent food quality.

MrPOS RMS offers detailed reports on sales, inventory, waste, profit/loss, customer behavior, and more. These insights help you make informed decisions and optimize your restaurant operations.

MrPOS RMS integrates kitchen and bar operations through dedicated panels, enabling seamless communication, real-time order tracking, and status updates, ensuring efficient service and reduced wait times.

Yes, MrPOS RMS features an easy migration process. You can bulk upload ingredients, menus, recipes, and customer data, ensuring a smooth transition from your current system.

MrPOS RMS provides 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat, and email. We also offer comprehensive training, a knowledge base, and a support portal to ensure you have all the help you need.

Yes, MrPOS RMS supports secure multi-user access with customizable access levels, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific functions and data.